1 Button Remote - Caution

A warning about the 1 button firing system remote controls.

I’ve been playing around with my 1 cue firing system for over a year now, using the small 1 button remote control that came with it, and which you can also purchase separately.

Unfortunately, I ran into an issue where the system fired unexpectedly which, in my opinion, is due to a design problem with the remote itself. In this article I will explore this in more detail.

As I state in my video, I am not out to “rubbish” a product or brand (I’ve used other gear by this manufacturer and it works great), nor suggest you do not buy or use this remote. However, I do feel it is important to share this information with you from a safety perspective, so other users of this remote can avoid any problems.

Watch a video of this article

If you prefer, you can watch a video of this article on YouTube below. In some ways that better shows the issues through practical demonstrations with the remote control. Otherwise, read on for my written article and photos.

A closer look at the remote

Let me start by explaining how the remote functions. Unlike the 12 button remotes which have a physical on/off button, the button on this remote is always live. Instead, there is a protective plastic cover which you have to press down (to unlatch) then slide back to reveal the button.

The problem with this approach

The issue here is the need to push down on the cover to open it. There is enough flex in the cover that, sadly, as you then pull the cover down, the button underneath can be pressed through the cover. I should say quite easily too, this is not something that only happened to me once.

In addition, it is possible (though it requires some force) to even press the button through the cover, with it shut. I’m thinking here of cases where you might have the remote in a pocket with keys or something else hard, and bend over or sit down, so something presses against the remote.

Finally, the accidental press scenario is exacerbated if any part of your thumb tip is protruding above the top of the cover as you slide it back. In this case, it is the tip of your thumb itself that brushes the button as it slides back. I can see this being easy to do in the dark or on cold nights where you don’t have full feeling in your fingers.

1 cue remote
The button being pressed through the safety cover

The four button remote

Another common remote is the four button version. I have checked this out and have good and bad news.

The good news is that the buttons are too small to be pressed from the cover’s flex alone as you pull it back.

The bad news is that if any part of your thumb is above the cover top as you pull it back, it is still possible to brush some or all of the buttons accidentally.


There is no need to avoid buying one of these controls; the big red button is a fun way to trigger a firework and this is a great novelty item to have for a guest of honour to start a display.

But clearly, you need to be very careful when you slide the cover back. Either practice sliding the cover back with a minimal push down, or leave your firing unit powered off until you have slid the cover back.

However you approach it, I hope this article has been useful and it helps prevent accidental firings.