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We offer banner advertising in two places: our busy Fireworks Forum and a limited number of slots in the Buying Fireworks pages here on the main UKFR website. In this article we’ll explore both.

Important information about advertising on UKFR

Because most of our banner advertisers go on and take an active part in our Forum, we refer to advertisers as Sponsors as our relationship with them is more than simply providing a banner in return for money. Many Sponsors have grown to become very respected – and loved – members of our community and our readers enjoy being able to interact directly with importers, wholesalers and retailers.

That said, if you simply want to place a banner and not get involved in the Forum itself, that’s fine too.

We accept the following as Sponsors:

  • Firework retailers (typically all year retailers as our plans run for 12 months).
  • Firework importers.
  • Professional display companies.
  • Firing system specialists, sellers of fuse and providers of other services directly related to fireworks.

All of our advertising terms run for 12 months (we don’t offer short term advert slots). There are no additional charges once you become a Sponsor and your banner is placed irrespective of the number of click-throughs, however we require payment in full up front. We do not offer credit terms or monthly payment options as the costs to administer this and process the payments would make the low advertising rates we charge unviable for us.

All banners placed on UKFR or in the Forum, and all posts that Sponsors make in the Forum are fully visible to all visitors to the site without the need to register. This is an important point to make because unregistered visitors significantly outnumber our registered members – usually by a factor of ten to one or greater – in our peak months.

Sorry, we don’t accept the following:

  • Applications from third party PR, web design or other agencies acting on behalf of a client in the fireworks sector (we only deal direct).
  • Any company or service not related to fireworks.
  • Third party advertising systems.
  • Adverts hosted remotely.
  • Affiliates, referral schemes, commission based systems or any kind of click tracking.

Becoming a Sponsor in our Forum

Sponsor status in our Forum is granted to all advertisers on UKFR regardless of where you place your banner. Sponsor status brings with it a number of perks not given to non-advertisers:

Join Forum under company name?YesYes
Post non-commercially?YesYes
Post plugs or endorse own products?NoYes
Post links to own websites or social media pages?NoYes
Prominent link to own website shown with every post?NoYes
Forum profile clearly marked as Sponsor?NoYes
Ability to post in Latest News & Offers From Sponsors sub-forum?NoYes
Clickable pin and link on Sponsor Map?NoYes
Listing on Forum's UKFR Sponsor list?NoYes
Clickable banner in Forum or on Buy Fireworks pages?NoYes

To explain some of these in more detail:

A prominent link when you post: Sponsor posts in our Forum have a link to your website shown under your logo. This enables readers to click straight through to your website without first clicking on your profile. All readers including non-registered guests can see this and click on it. This link is useful because it shows on all of your posts even if you’re not directly plugging your products in the posts itself, enabling you to advertise even if getting involved in general chit-chat. It also rewards those who post more!

Clear endorsement of Sponsor status: Posts carry a banner showing that you are a Sponsor, and your profile shows this too.

The image below shows both the website link and Sponsor status highlighted:

Sponsors Link

Ability to post commercially: Subject to “fair play” guidelines to prevent spammy content, as a Sponsor you can post commercially. In essence you can plug your products and services, including embedding video clips of your fireworks, plus posting links to your website and social media pages, amongst other things.

Ability to post in “Latest News And Offers From Our Sponsors” forum: This sub-forum is exclusive to Sponsors and allows you to post up new threads devoted entirely to your products and services. It is typically used to promote special offers, deals or other important news. Having a separate area keeps the latest Sponsor news in one place and posts made here will appear in the Latest Posts feed. See what current Sponsors are posting.

A pin on the Sponsor Map: We have a map showing where our Sponsors are located. You will be able to place a pin on this map for your own shop if you have one. Please note this map is subject to change as we develop the Forum through 2020/21 and we may broaden the map to include non-Sponsor shops but with Sponsors getting greater highlighting on the map. 

Listing on the UKFR Sponsors page: This page in our Forum is referenced as the listing of current UKFR Sponsors, rated by number of posts (so the more you post, the higher you can climb). Take a look.

Banner adverts in the Forum

With the Forum perks of being a Sponsor established, it’s time now to look at the first of two places in which you can book a banner, the Forum itself.

This banner appears at the bottom of the Forum in what is known as the “footer” slot. It is viewable on all devices and responsive configurations (mobile, tablet and desktop). Here is a screenshot showing an example from a mobile view of the Forum:

Mobile banner

Because only one banner can be shown here, it is picked randomly per page impression from the pool of current Forum banner advertisers. The chance of showing per page impression is dependent on the number of advertisers in the pool and your advertising spend relevant to others. As an example, in a pool of 30 advertisers all on the standard package, each banner would have a 1 in 30 chance of showing, per page impression. Or another way of looking at it: A visitor to the Forum is statistically likely to have seen your banner if they view just 30 pages. The chance of your banner showing may rise or fall over your term as other advertisers join and leave the pool. 

Each banner is clickable directly through to your website (or Facebook page if you prefer). There are no additional charges once the banner is placed, regardless of the number of click-throughs. Note that in the interests of user privacy we do not track either advert impressions or click-throughs.

We accept a banner in JPEG, GIF or PNG format – which you should supply – but it should be static and non-animated, and under 15kb in size (ideally 10kb or thereabouts) and 400×60 pixels in size.

Forum banner terms run for 12 months, payable in full and in advance (sorry, we do not offer monthly terms as the low payment amounts would be uneconomical to invoice and collect).

Note: Our Forum currently shows an additional banner in the footer and a banner in the header, when viewed in desktop and some tablet views. Those slots are being discontinued when our Forum software is updated, so are not included in your package, however we will show your banner in those slots on a complimentary basis with the others until this update is completed.

Banner adverts in the Buying Fireworks UKFR sections

The other place in which we accept banners are the Buying Fireworks pages here on UKFR. There are several pages available including the general Buying Fireworks guide, Mail Order, Professional & Wedding Fireworks and Firing Systems & Fuse, depending on which is most appropriate for your business.

These sections are linked to extensively throughout UKFR’s guides as the place to go when the reader is ready to purchase fireworks or displays. Unlike the Forum banners, adverts here are always shown and are listed in a fixed order (usually by value and/or first come, first served). Available positions will be confirmed if you wish to book in one of those sections. At extra cost, a giant, full-span advert is available in each section (though most are booked at time of writing).

You can click on the links above to have a look at each section and see what the adverts look like. We accept JPEG, GIF or PNG format banners which must be static and not animated. They should be 500×100 pixels in size and as small a file size as possible to facilitate quick loading.

As per our Forum banners above, each banner links through to either your website or Facebook page and once paid and placed, there are no extra charges regardless of the number of click-throughs. Similarly, terms run for 12 months with payment being requested in full up-front.

Interested? Find out more or make a booking today

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor as a result of reading this page then please use the Contact Us form to get in touch. We are happy to confirm our current rates and answer any questions you have.

If you have already made an enquiry and we directed you to this page to explain our services, and would like to go ahead and book a banner, let us know who to invoice it to (we send invoices by email or Forum private message and in PDF format) and we will get the ball rolling. We will also need a banner graphic from you. We accept payment by PayPal or bank transfer.