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Thank you so much for clicking through to this page 🙂

Because I am a fireworks enthusiast and not a retailer of pyro, I have to fund the entirety of UKFR’s costs (and it runs into many thousands of pounds per year) from advertising and member donations.

On the subject of advertising, whilst so many websites these days have monetised up to the hilt with adverts, I have made an ethical decision to keep advert intrusion to an absolute minimum and never use third party advertising networks. This ensures my guides are fast-loading, to the point, unfettered by annoying banners and never have any kind of ulterior motive. I don’t even nag you if you’re running an ad-blocker 😉

I also refuse to work on any kind of affiliate basis because, well, if you see reviews of things and the author has a link that makes them money, can you really trust it?

Sadly, the reality of taking this approach means that my conscience is clear but I’m never going to get rich from a project like this. That’s cool with me because I’m in this for the fun of sharing my love of pyro and helping people have better and safer displays.

With that in mind, can you please help? If you have found my website, guides, articles or videos useful, please make a small donation, whether that’s a few pounds or more, it is vastly appreciated by a real person running this website on their own (I don’t have any staff or a purpose built office!).

Please click here to access my “Buy me a coffee” donation page over at