DB04r Safety Test

I switch a unit on and off 1000 times!

On the face of it, switching one of these on and off 1000 times might seem a little odd. However, over the last few years a number of my fellow enthusiasts have questioned the safety of these units based on an incident where a unit “fired all” when switched on, leading to a potentially dangerous and certainly unwelcome incident.

Whilst this seems to have been a one off and I was not there to investigate the circumstances, users of this unit are still a little nervous when they switch the unit on. So, to try and put the matter to bed, I switched one of my units on and off no less than 1000 times to be sure.

Following this, I then used two car key fobs near the unit to see if I could elicit a wayward response (key fobs setting them off was another incident reported by one of my readers).

Here is my investigation on video, suitably speeded up of course during the 1000 switches on and off:

Further information

If you’re a beginner with this system or thinking about buying one, you can check out my full online manual for the DB04 to see how it works and what it can do.