Exclusive Fireworks Shop Visit

A visit to Exclusive's Hounslow fireworks shop

Devco is a brand that has sprung to our attention in the last few years with the likes of Missile Of Stars and Laser Beam Weapons amongst many other new and original fireworks. Not surprisingly this has created a thirst amongst readers and members for a source of this brand. Well, what better place to try than a shop full of Devco products situated in West London? This sounded too good to be true so we popped down to see The Exclusive Firework Co. shop for ourselves! Report by Pyro Pete.

The location

London might as well be on the planet Mars as far as my direction finding goes, but I’m pleased to say that assurances this was within easy reach of the M25 turned out to be true. It is actually in Hounslow, Middlesex, just within the M25 and a few minutes off the M4. When you start to see a large plane every few minutes from Heathrow (a novelty in itself for a non city-dweller) you’re almost there. Come off the M25 at junction 15, follow the M4 to junction 3, then it’s a few minutes from they’re not far off the A4.

Exclusive Fireworks

The easy access of this shop actually makes it an attractive place to come and buy fireworks. Although it is within the M25, its proximity to the M4 means that it easily serves many adjacent counties, so this is one shop worth putting on your pyro map if you are down south. Being on the high street means there are also stacks of other shops too, plenty of cafes, and even a Maplins so you can go and get your cable ties for setting up!

The shop

Once inside the shop, the pyro-lust takes over somewhat largely because of two long walls of cabinets, each packed with various items. There’s a great deal to choose from, and all the favourites are there plus many new items too. Check out our reviews of classics like Missile Of Stars plus the newer Devco items coming through and you’ll see what this brand – and shop – has to offer.

Staff are on hand to answer any questions you might have. As always if you are making a long journey, it is advisable to ring ahead and check or reserve stock.

Exclusive Fireworks

The company operates all year, but the showroom is closed out of season. To buy products out of season just give them a ring and the showroom can be opened by appointment, or delivery arranged. The peak season for Exclusive Fireworks normally runs from October through to January, covering Guy Fawkes and New Year. Be prepared for queues in peak periods, this shop is popular and well advertised locally. However you only have yourself to blame if you leave your Guy Fawkes shopping until November 5th!


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