Indoor Fireworks Pack Review

A look at all the effects in the improved Trafalgar Bonanza Pack

Trafalgar’s indoor fireworks set has been a very popular novelty item for a number of years now. After stock shortages in 2021/2 I’m pleased to say their containers have arrived from China stuffed with improved indoor fun ready for Christmas 2022 and beyond.

I’m very excited today to bring you comprehensive video and images of all the effects plus a look at the box and inner card itself for those interested. I’ll also run through some of the more common questions I am asked about this type of firework.

Indoor Fireworks Pack Front
  • 8 different effects.
  • Multiple items for each effect giving 25 items in total, plus 25 fun snaps.
  • Includes the popular “dog poo” effect (“Snakes Alive”).
  • Suitable for indoor use.
  • Widely available from fireworks shops, party shops and online including Amazon (a reminder that I am not a retailer and don’t sell this pack).
  • Typical price £12 (usually £15 or so on Amazon once retailers have added a postage and Amazon fee markup).

Watch the video

The best way to appreciate the effects in this pack is to watch my video, which features every effect in glorious 4K! You can then scroll further down for more information about this packet if you want to.

A closer look at the Indoor Fireworks box and inner card

The fireworks in this pack are arranged on a card with a plastic front and safety information on the reverse. This card is contained within an outer box. The front of the box is shown in the first image above and the back of the box is shown below:

Indoor Fireworks Back Of Packet

The inner card is shown in more detail below, which reveals the items themselves and the instructions on the reverse of each one:

Indoor Fireworks Inner Card

The box itself is 29cm wide and 23cm high (including the retailer’s display header). It is roughly 2cm deep. A lot of these are shipped mail order; whether it’s letterbox-friendly largely depends on how wide your letterbox is and whether the supplier packs this in a bag or box.

The item’s classification (on the importer’s outer box) for those interested is 1.4S and they come shipped 24 to a carton. The importer is Trafalgar Fireworks (that’s a direct link and not an affiliate link – so if you make an enquiry please mention UKFR).

A detailed look at the effects

Let’s run through each of the effects now in turn. You can see all of these in action in the video above if you have not already watched it. I’ll give you my verdict on each one however keep in mind this is very tongue-in-cheek.

I’ll include four images from each effect. These are (in order): a detail from the front of the pack, the product itself within the pack, the reverse of the card and finally a still image from my video, showing the effect.

Disco Inferno

Described as: “Disco Inferno pellets glow with a blue tinged flame before bursting into a bright flash over and over and over.”

Disco Inferno Indoor Firework
Disco Inferno Indoor Firework Effects

Verdict: A somewhat “classic” effect of current indoor firework packs, this tablet burns with a gentle flame and occasionally bursts into a hissing white/blue fireball. The frequency of the strobe increases as the tablet burns down. Pack contents: 3 tablets. Duration: 40 seconds.

Snakes Alive

Described as: “On ignition the tablet will continuously expand into a slithering snake. Watch in awe as these baby slithering serpents hiss and swirl their way into adult man eaters.”

Snakes Alive - Dog Poo - Indoor Firework Effect
Snakes Alive Dog Poo Indoor Fireworks Effect

Verdict: The effect everyone just loves as it resembles an expanding dog poo. As a result it’s one of the most loved – and asked about – indoor firework effects. Kids really do find this one hysterical – as will the child in you. Pack contents: 4 tablets. Duration: 20 seconds. The foam result is very light and disintegrates when you touch it.

Sizzling Strobes

Described as: “Exciting orange tinged fast strobing flash pellets. Sizzling Strobes flash and flash and sizzle away.”

Sizzling Strobes Indoor Fireworks Effect
Sizzling Strobes Indoor Firework Effect

Verdict: Very similar to Disco Inferno and I wouldn’t describe this as “fast strobing”. Pack contents: 3 tablets. Duration: 1 min 10 seconds.

Indoor Sparklers

Described as: “Designed for indoor or outdoor use. Add a sparkle to any event.”

Indoor Sparklers Firework
Indoor Sparklers in action

Verdict: The classic sparkler effect. These can also be held in the hand. Caution: As with all sparklers these burn red hot and remain hot afterwards. Use gloved hands if holding and put them in a bowl of water afterwards to cool them off. Pack contents: 6 sparklers. Duration: 30 seconds.

Bang Bang Fun Snaps

Described as: “Throw onto the ground and they explode with a MASSIVE bang! Use outside.”

Indoor Fun Snaps Firework

Verdict: These are somewhat impossible to capture in a still video frame so I have not included a picture of them in action. Like the fun snaps from joke shops, these small bags bang (or rather “snap”) when thrown vigorously on to a hard surface. The main box says these are better suited to outdoor use as they contain “gravel” that could scratch a wooden floor. You can see this residue in my video above. Pack contents: 25 fun snaps.

Flash Harry

Described as: “Watch the flame of Flash Harry defend the earth. Each tablet burns bright before bursting into swirling green flashes.”

Flash Harry Indoor Fireworks effect
Flash Harry indoor firework

Verdict: Another variation on Disco Inferno, these tablets burn away with the occasional flare-up. Nothing much new here after you’ve watched Disco Inferno and Sizzling Strobes. Pack contents: 3 tablets. Duration: 60 seconds.

Blazing Bengals

Described as: “These Bengal matches burn long and bright and each pack contains 4 x red flame effects.”

Blazing Bengal Matches Indoor Fireworks effect
Blazing Red Bengal Matches

Verdict: The most disappointing effect in this packet by a long way, more so considering the description! These are neither long, bright or very red. Pack contents: 4 matches. Duration: 10 seconds.

Ice Fountains

Described as: “Low smoke, cool fallout Ice Fountains designed for indoor use. Bright silver sparks shower out of the tube.”

Ice Fountains Indoor Fireworks pack
Indoor Ice Fountain

Verdict: After the disappointment of the Bengal matches we go to the other extreme with by far the most spectacular effect in the pack. These are smaller versions of a type of cake fountain called “ice fountains” which burn with virtually smoke-free sparks. Despite their cut-down size these burn with sparks reaching over a foot in height – the inset image above shows them side-on with Lego figures for scale. Pack contents: 2 fountains. Duration: 40 seconds.

Overall verdict

There are very few pyro products that elicit such a polarised response from people as this indoor fireworks pack! At one extreme we have those who are expecting a miniaturised version of the London Eye New Year’s Eve fireworks who will undoubtably be disappointed. At the other extreme we have those who find the pack charming, nostalgic and will be genuinely impressed with the ice fountain effect, and much entertained by “Snakes Alive”.

And then we have all of those people over a certain age (myself included) who remember these as being quite naff when our parents and grandparents subjected us to them at Christmas, and are reassured they remain “somewhat naff”.

Whilst a couple of the items are duffers – the Bengals and the repetition of the strobing pellets being lowlights, the other effects more than make up for it. To many, this pack is worth the money simply to marvel at the expanding dog poo effect and the other items will be a bonus.

Value is obviously subjective. Personally, I think these are well worth the money – £15 at 2022 rates isn’t a great deal. They’re wonderful both for entertaining the family and also as an unusual stocking filler or Birthday gift for those hard to buy for.

More information about Indoor Fireworks

Earlier in 2022 I visited and interviewed Warren Thomas from Trafalgar Fireworks, the manufacturer and importer of this pack. The background information about this pack, especially how hard they are to make, is very interesting, plus the rocky road his business has endured through the pandemic too. I very much recommend this “long read” article if you want to find out more: Indoor Fireworks: Harder Than It Looks.

Indoor Fireworks: Frequently Asked Questions

Use something with a strong flame, such as a turbo lighter or chef's torch. Matches and flint lighters don't work so well.

Something you won't mind spoiling and ideally metal or ceramic. Never put them on plastic or directly on a table.

Not to hold, light or play with - leave that to the adults. Many of the effects can burn if handled.

Unless stated in the safety instructions - for example with sparklers - indoor fireworks should not be held, as they can burn.

They can do. An open window and keeping your kitchen door closed can help. I managed not to set off our smoke alarm when filming the whole packet for my YouTube video, so they're not too smoky.

Of course, if you prefer, you can gather around a table outside. However keep fairly close - the effects are small-scale. They're nothing like outdoor fireworks!

The only indoor effects you should put on cakes are those specifically designed for this purpose such as ice fountains.

A very common question! Yes, they are generally regarded as a bit naff. However that is part of their charm. If you're unsure whether to buy, watch my video!

The Bonanza Pack reviewed here is widely available from firework shops, party shops, toy shops and online from Ebay and Amazon sellers. Should stock run low, the importer, Trafalgar Fireworks in Norwich should be able to advise.

This specific pack is CE-certified and as safe as it can be. A large number of hazardous compounds used in vintage indoor firework packs have long been outlawed. If you need technical advice on the chemicals used, I would ask the importer, Trafalgar Fireworks.

Another common question as it's one of the best items in this pack. It's called "Snakes Alive" and you get four in this specific pack.