Fireworks Guide: Novelty Items & Ground Spinners

These small-scale fun items are relatively new to the UK market.

Key information

  • Placed on the ground and lit.
  • Safety distances typically just a metre or so.
  • Usually produces crackles and sparks, some varieties also spin.
  • Quite new to the UK market so expect to see a wider variety of novelty products in the coming years.

Crackling Balls & Spinning Saucers

This type of novelty product is somewhat new to the UK market as manufacturers and importers continue to explore what’s possible under the current CE regulations.

Availability is still somewhat limited, with Trafalgar Group’s Crackling Balls and Spinning Saucers shown below as an example (RRP around £5 per pack). A firework brand called Klasek also produces similar items which are for sale from UK retailers.

Crackling Balls Of Fire
Trafalgar Fireworks' Crackling Balls Of Fire with UKFR's firework Lego man for scale.

In all cases these items are designed to be placed on the ground (not thrown!) and lit. They produce a small explosion of crackles or sparks and some variants also spin first.

These are a fun item to play with and I hope a wider variety of novelty effects become available in the coming years.

Spinning Crackling Saucers
Also from Trafalgar Fireworks, Spinning Crackling Saucers.

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