Setting Up Fireworks

Everything you need to know about safely setting up your fireworks.

Setting Up Fireworks

Taking the time to set up your fireworks properly really can make a huge difference not just to the safety of your display but also to the flow and overall effect too. In these sections I’ll start with site layout and general setting up advice, covering things such as safety distances and the importance of having a fallout area for debris, plus look at how you can fit your display in various venues including the back garden.

Next, check out the article on pyromesh which you may encounter with some of your bigger fireworks. This wire mesh and strapping can be difficult to remove so I’ll show you how to do it safely.

Then, I take a look at specific advice on safely setting up each main type of UK firework such as cakes, candles and mines, rockets, fountains and wheels and set pieces.

Finally, what to do if rain is forecast in the coping with bad weather guide, which includes advice on windy conditions too.

A reminder that if you’re new to fireworks or this website, my Beginners Start Here! article contains a structured walkthrough of all my main articles and guides, starting with the basics.