Hot on the heels of the parish display came a small show for a wedding during the summer months. As before I got the call to say we were off and got picked up by Gren, who told me about the job at hand, a small display with a couple of new cat 4 cakes, blockbusters and around 40 shells.

We arrived at the venue to what can only be described as an obscenely large garden just ripe for some pyro. It only took about half an hour to get set up for this one and then everybody left me to babysit the gear, time to get the note book out and catalogue everything.

There were a few cat 3 barrages by Kimbolton and three cat 4 cakes, colour whirlwind, silver fish fan cake,and HAPPY STARS (every display should have 1 or 2 or 3 or 4…….you get the picture).

Firing time came and unlike the last display I was slightly further away so I was able to take in the full effect of everything. The show was started with a 3″ salute and the small barrages whilst the first blockbuster rack sounded in to life, next came the colour whirlwind, which launched massive spinners that broke to multi colour and finished with a volley of titanium reports, whilst this was underway the first of the peanut shell racks were fired all double break brocades with coconut pistils very nice and well liked by the audience. Next I got to see the full effect of the golden rain blockbuster for the first time very good indeed but not a patch on the silver fish fan cake. 8 banks of 10 shots on comet tails broke to silverfish with very vivid blue torbillions this was excellent and was quickly followed by the happy stars.

However this time to intensify the effect both the main and secondary fuses were lit firing the firework from both ends at once, one word AWESOME.

But alas it was finale time already up went the last volleys of cylindrical shells and a 6″ crackling willow and that was that we got a massive cheer from a very satisfied audience and it was clear up time, again this didn’t take very long being such a small show but it was still a great night. Roll on the next one!

Dave with the finale rack behind him and the 6" willow
The happy stars cake with mallet for scale
Me with the main rack
And the cat3 stuff
No the racks aren't loaded yet that's me and Dave by the way
A nice shot of some of the breaks
An excellent shot of one of the fx shell breaks
Another excellent shell break with colour whirlwind just below
These were the last 2 shell breaks

With thanks to Graham Mann. Feature ©2002 UK Firework Review.

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