Trafalgar Fireworks, Norwich

A visit to the city's only all year, specialist fireworks shop.

Despite being such a large city, Norwich has until recently had to make do with mostly seasonal firework sellers. Now, a new and exciting all year firework shop has opened in Trafalgar Road (off Hall Road, if you know the area). I popped along to take a closer look and meet the owner, Warren Thomas.

Trafalgar Fireworks Norwich
A wide view inside Trafalgar Fireworks.

A tale of Covid and two lockdowns

At the time of my visit (October 2020) we had of course emerged from the first national lockdown earlier in the year. The fireworks industry in general was breathing a sigh of relief at being open for trading. Nonetheless the impact of this was significant, even more so, as Warren explained, to such a new shop which had yet to establish itself. In a poignant sign of the times, the green-labelled bottles on the table above are in fact Trafalgar-branded hand sanitiser, something I’d never expected to see in a fireworks shop.

Since visiting for this feature and video, the industry was shut down again for the second national lockdown in 2020, on of all dates, November 5th itself. Luckily firework shops were allowed to trade on a “click and collect” basis, but even so, this was a year unlike any other. 

See inside Trafalgar Fireworks - my guided tour video

Covid or not, the show must go on as they say, so I pressed ahead and filmed inside and out to give you all a guided tour of the entire shop. I’m focussing here on a general tour aimed at those who may never have shopped at a specialist fireworks shop before:

360 degree interactive shop tour

And if a video isn’t enough, I also pressed my 360 degree camera into action to create a full shop tour you can move around at your leisure:


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Contacting Trafalgar Fireworks