Map of UKFR Sponsors

This map lists those companies who kindly help towards my running costs by being an official UKFR Sponsor. A variety of services are listed here, some of them on-line only. Please give these companies priority where possible when buying your fireworks, displays or firing systems. Read more about UKFR Sponsors.

This symbol denotes that the Sponsor sells consumer fireworks from either a physical shop, by click and collect or by mail order. They may also provide professional, corporate and wedding displays. Click on their pin for further details. 

These Sponsors specialise in firing systems, fuse and related items. Most do not have a physical shop and the pin location is approximate.

Other services not listed above: See each pin for details.

Useful information

Please note that pin locations in some cases are approximate, for example if the Sponsor is an on-line only service, such as mail order fireworks. Also note that many display-only companies do not have a physical office to visit and again, pin locations are placed in their general area.

A reminder that I don’t track what Sponsors you click on so if you use a UKFR Sponsor, please mention this site. It helps greatly to encourage them to remain a Sponsor. On a similar theme, I should stress I don’t work on a commission or affiliate basis either.

For Sponsors with retail shops: if you intend to visit, particularly out of season, I would strongly recommend you contact them to find their current opening hours. Some shops have reduced hours away from Bonfire Night or are “appointment only” for call-in visitors.

A reminder that it is legal to buy and let off fireworks at any time of the year in England, Scotland and Wales. However you need to be 18 years or older to buy fireworks and you must let them off by 11pm. Certain exclusions apply, see the Firework Laws article for further help.

No nearby Sponsors?

If you are looking for a retail fireworks shop to visit and don’t have a Sponsor in your town or city, check out the general Firework Shops map which might be of help.

Become a Sponsor

If you’re a fireworks retailer, display company or other commercial concern, I’d love to welcome you as a Sponsor! Sponsors are retailers who pay to advertise on UKFR and in my Forum. Read more about becoming a Sponsor.