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I try hard to keep advertising intrusion to a minimum in order to focus on providing great quality guides for the public. So you won’t find any annoying pop-up adverts, nagging windows asking for your email address or the likes. However I must stress that this site, my Forum and my YouTube channel would be impossible to maintain and grow without the kind support of advertisers.

As I deal directly with companies and have known some of their owners for nearly two decades, I refer to advertisers as “Sponsors” since it’s more friendly and better reflects their value to UKFR.

A full list of current Sponsors is shown below, in random order. If you’re not yet a Sponsor and would like to find out more, click here.

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Please note that I do not work on a commission or affiliate basis, in order to remain retailer-neutral. This also ensures my readers have the confidence that my articles and guides are genuine and honest. I also don’t track advert impressions or which ones you click on.

It’s also worth reminding you that I do not sell fireworks; I am not a retailer, importer or otherwise in the trade. I’m what’s known as an enthusiast, or, to some people, a fireworks geek!