Wensum Valley Golf Club Fireworks Display

After the excesses of Lowestoft Air Show (which included an unscripted air crash too!) it was back down to earth with my next visit to Skyscenes – for a small wedding display. This type of display forms the bread and butter of many pyro companies and Skyscenes are kept busy right the way through the summer with events like this.

This a good opportunity to see behind the scenes and watch how smaller pro displays are set up and fired. With a lovely venue such as Wensum Valley in Norwich, great weather, and an outside possibility that I could swipe some food from the buffet, who could resist?

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The Firing area. Loads of room here with the main building and spectator area behind.
Unloading time. Here, Pete B assesses the pyro while Skyscenes do the heavy lifting.
An assortment of pyro before we started rummaging.
Gerry gets to work securing the cakes and candles while the rest of the pyro is unloaded.
Using the firing card as a guide, Gerry secures various items.
Close-up of a colourful firework label.
Found the shells at last. There is nothing quite like nosing about through cat 4.
Close-up of one of the bigger shells, from Blue Moon.
Some mines from Imperial. These will be let off together or in quick succession.
The main shell rack prior to loading. You can see a nice range of sizes here.
Shot of various effects from several brands. Variations like this ensure a rich and colourful sequence.
More views of the shells.
The main shell rack from another angle. Note how the bigger tubes are angled to ensure the effects are spread nicely.
Detail on one of the aerial shells.
Steve starts to load the shells ready.
Fusing and other preparations. Note the lovely golf course in the background.
As the sun sets and the last few golfers get out of the way, final work is done while Pete B (background) takes some pictures.

The display itself was a good mix of cakes, candles and of course, aerial shell barrages. It got a great reception from the crowd which assembled outside the venue.

Unfortunately, drizzle started to descend during the display some some shots have rain on the lens, but these long exposure shots do capture some of the action:

These candles produced some really nice green effects, with bright green stars and breaks leaving bold green trails.
Multiple shell breaks producing gold effects.
Several effects including a fantastic silver strobe effect that leaves long drifting tentacles in this long exposure shot.
Various fans produce a busy and effective interlude.
Two huge silver columns, bisected by coloured stars.
Probably the most spectacular shot of the night thanks to the variation of colour from Skyscenes’ shells.
Shells break above while the action continues lower down.
Columns of colour and strobe effects (the dots).
Nice comets and more gold glitter plus twinkling.
Another stunning shot from near to the end.

For the action shots, I mounted the camcorder in the cab of a nearby abandoned tractor and left it running. This produced a totally different style of picture to the traditional shots shown above. Here, the proximity of the fireworks and the focus on the firers rather than the effects shows the sheer mayhem at ground zero.

Many thanks to Skyscenes Pyrotechnics for another hugely enjoyable afternoon and evening of pyro fun.

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