About UKFR

I created the UKFR website – or UK Firework Review to use its full and original name – in 1999 after a series of firework displays in my back garden. I was taken by how fireworks could, with some time and care setting them up, be fired safely and without incidents.

I wanted to share this with the public along with the tips and techniques I had learned along the way. And if I’m honest, letting off pyro as an adult did bring out the excited child in me, so I didn’t need that much of an excuse! But back in 1999 there was no Facebook or YouTube, so this website was born.

UKFR's aims

My aims have remained broadly the same over the last two decades:

  • To promote and encourage safe, legal and responsible fireworks use.
  • To provide the UK public with extensive guides on every aspect of fireworks that are relevant to consumers.
  • To provide a pro-fireworks message and reassure the public that fireworks are fully legal to purchase and let off all year round.
  • To offer my content free of charge and without the need for registration, with minimal distraction from adverts.

Through UKFR I want to share the passion I have for fireworks, that great UK tradition of letting our hair down and celebrating family events in our own back gardens with things that glitter, sparkle, fizz and bang. Whether you get a thrill from firing pyro or from watching it, fireworks are such a wonderful way to celebrate any event. And away from the back garden, so many communities benefit from both the spectacle and sense of connection that a fireworks display and bonfire can bring.

When used safely and responsibly, fireworks pose no greater danger than any other form of family entertainment. With UKFR, I want to share advice and tips on using consumer fireworks so that other members of the public can enjoy pyro in the same way that I have, with minimal risk and maximum enjoyment. 

Back in 1999 when I created UKFR, I had no idea that today, in 2021, we would be facing major changes to our lifestyles as we adjust to life post-Covid. Now more than ever, reaching out to family, friends, neighbours and our community is so important.

Firework displays are a tradition that stretches back for hundreds of years and have the potential to bring people together and help repair the disconnection brought about from our period of lockdown. It is also our fundamental right to let off some fireworks in our own back gardens to celebrate a happy occasion.

So let’s join together and enjoy fireworks, to use them responsibly and in a neighbour friendly way, whether that’s in our back gardens or at community events. And above all to take time and care in setting them up and firing them safely, so that our wonderful traditions might long continue.

My online community

Shortly after the creation of UKFR I also started up a Fireworks Forum, initially to allow interaction between me and UKFR’s readers. This quickly grew into a huge fireworks community in its own right and currently has well over 400,000 posts on just about every fireworks topic imaginable.

I run my Forum as a separate entity because I often need to rapidly change or increase server resources to meet the seasonal demands of a busy, interactive website (whereas this site, UKFR, is mostly static content and is easier to deploy on standard web hosting).

UKFR Community
Members of the UKFR forum meet up for a social and pyro event.

UKFR's independence from the fireworks trade

It comes as a surprise to many readers when I say that I don’t sell fireworks myself, but this is indeed the case. By keeping clear of retail – I don’t even work on commission or track advert clicks – you can be assured that I have no ulterior motives in running this site, nor ever put monetisation before honest, trustworthy content. It’s my passion for pyro that motivates me to keep going.

UKFR’s running costs are funded in part by myself; from selling advertising banners and sponsorship to firework retailers; and from the kind voluntary donations from some of the Fireworks Forum members.

UKFR Sponsors

When I sell advertising to firework companies, I refer to my advertising partners as Sponsors. This is because I have known many of them for nearly 20 years and they play a much more active part in the Forum – often directly interacting with my readers – than simply providing banners.

If you are a firework retailer, display company or any associated trade and would like to find out more about becoming a Sponsor, please click here.

Contacting UKFR

If you wish to contact me, please do so via the separate contact form page. Please note that I do not sell or import fireworks, do not give recommendations for specific retailers (I prefer to remain neutral) and if you have general enquiries or questions about fireworks you should register in the forum (see above) and ask there.