Privacy & Cookies

Important information about your privacy and how I use cookies.

Please note that my Fireworks Forum, which is accessed on a different URL, operates independently from this site (UKFR) as far as privacy and cookie policies go. So this article relates only to this site, UKFR.COM.

My Privacy Policy

Unlike most other websites, I’m not actually engaged in trying to get your personal details or trying to sell you anything.  

I do not:

  • Require any form of registration to access any part of my website; it is all free to access to any user, anonymously.
  • Sell any products or services, therefore I do not need your personal details.
  • Operate any kind of marketing mailing list or newsletter.
  • Use any third party advertising; all adverts are static banners served from UKFR.
  • Track what adverts are shown to whom, or who clicks on an advert banner.
  • Use any affiliate codes or similar.

You can verify many of the above points by viewing and inspecting the source code for any page here on UKFR.

Given that I don’t sell anything, don’t require registration and therefore do not actually process any personal data, this is possibly one of the shortest privacy policies you will read!

Using my contact form

At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, if you use my contact form to get in touch, then what you enter into that will be sent to me by email.

Google analytics

Along with many websites, I use analytics to better understand site visitors, how they came to UKFR (what they searched for) and what my most popular – and unpopular – content is. I use “Google Analytics” for this which will run a javascript file and most likely use a cookie to follow you around UKFR. You should feel free to disable or block either if you wish. The data provided to me by Google does not identify you personally.

Logging of site access by my web host

It is an industry-standard practice for web hosts to log all site accesses and mine is no different. This means keeping logs of what pages are requested and what files are served, and other information such as your IP address. This information may be used:

  • To investigate website problems or error messages, whether hardware or software related.
  • To investigate any malicious use of my site.
  • To provide aggregate statistics, such as number of visitors or bandwidth used. 

I do not actively monitor, download or otherwise process this data, but want to make it clear that our web host stores it and I have the option to do so, in case of the issues mentioned above.

Cookie policy

Given the lack of registration required here, the fact I don’t sell anything and that I do not process personal data, my cookie policy is also understandably short.

In the interests of clarity however:

  • If you see a cookie used by UKFR this is a cookie intended for admin/staff to enable the site to keep them logged in during their visit. It is not relevant to any other visitor, is not used for any other purpose (I don’t even have comments enabled on articles nor allow the public to register here) and can safely be blocked if you’re really paranoid about it.
  • Third party embeds may result in a cookie being used. I have no control over this and such cookies will originate from the third party, not from me. An example would be if you viewed a page with an embedded YouTube video, YouTube may access it’s own cookies on your device to personalise your “experience” (i.e. what adverts it shows you in the video, again, nothing to do with me!). Where available, I enable privacy controls, such as YouTube’s “We won’t collect information on your site visitors unless they play a video” option (gee thanks, YouTube!).
  • I use Google Analytics and this is likely to use a cookie to follow you across the site.

Have any questions?

I’m sorry this policy is somewhat basic and blunt, but it reflects the lack of any interest on my part in either collecting, processing or selling my visitors’ data. My site really is free to access and there are no catches, and I don’t sell fireworks. However if you have any questions by all means contact me.