Buying Firing Systems & Fuse

Advice on where to buy firing systems and fuse.

Although some firework retailers do sell firing systems and additional fuse, in most cases these products are the preserve of companies specialising just in this area. In this article I’ll run through your options.

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Firing systems

These allow you to set off your fireworks electrically and usually wirelessly too, as covered in more detail in the Lighting Fireworks Remotely guide.

The main systems on the market for consumers and those venturing further up the ladder, such as IGNITE, Cobra, FireTEK, RhinoFire and so on are available from the UKFR Sponsors listed in the banners above.

If you buy from a Sponsor, please mention UKFR. I don’t work on commission nor track who you buy from, so it’s a nice gesture to mention me which in turn encourages them to continue supporting the site. 

Firing Systems


Extending the existing fuse or linking fireworks together is possible with additional fuse as covered in my Fuse & Linking Fireworks article.

This is harder to find at general firework retailers because consumer fireworks by definition are intended for the general public and working with fuse is straying into more technical and semi-professional realms. So as a result, fuse is generally only available from specialist suppliers or sellers of firing systems, such as those listed in the banners above.

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