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Whether your fireworks display is in the back garden or a larger public event my extensive guides and help sections will enable you to choose, set up and let off your fireworks safely and legally for maximum impact. Read, learn and then fire safely.

All about each type of firework on sale to UK consumers.

Advice on picking fireworks for  every kind of fireworks display.

How to set up each type of consumer firework.

How to fire your display safely by hand or firing system.

Complete beginner? Head over to my Beginners Start Here! page for a structured walk-through of all my fireworks guides, advice and articles. Need a crash course in firework laws? See my firework laws summary.

All the UK firework laws you need to know about.

Your options from firework shops to mail order.

Rain isn’t a problem. Learn how to waterproof your fireworks. 

Letting off your pyro at the press of a button.

Getting married? Read my guide to wedding fireworks.

How to keep the noise down but still enjoy stunning pyro.

Advice on which fireworks would be better for your event.

Using fireworks to celebrate a boy or girl.

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All about extra fuse and what you can do with it.

Tips on how to enjoy sparklers safely.

How to use fireworks in a neighbour friendly way.

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