Firing Your Fireworks Display

It's showtime! Everything you need to know about safely letting your fireworks off.

Hand lighting fireworks

In this section I look into how to safely fire your fireworks display. Starting with lighting your fireworks by hand which is how most of us fire. However there is also the option of firing remotely and if you want a comparison between the two methods I explore that in the hand vs. remote firing article.

Next I take a look at additional fuse and how this can be used to link fireworks, and how to fire multiple fireworks at once.

No firing section would be complete without advice on using sparklers safely, protective clothing and PPE, plus a rundown of things that can go wrong and tips on avoiding them.

If you’re having a bonfire, my bonfire advice section will give guidance on the safest way to approach this.

Finally, for advice on that dire job which you still have to face afterwards, check out the clearing up your fireworks display article.