Guide to UK Fireworks

Useful info about each type of firework currently on sale to UK consumers.

Other types of fireworks and alternative names

The guides above cover the basics of each main firework type on sale in the UK. If there’s a particular type of firework you can’t find then it’s possible that it’s known by a different name, my Fireworks Glossary might be useful here.

Indoor fountains for cakes have their own section: Ice fountains.

Professional fireworks and items which are no longer legal for consumers

A number of fireworks are no longer legal for consumers to buy in the UK. The following articles cover some of these in more detail:

Some of the items above are still legal in Europe but not in the UK, despite the UK carrying the same EU/CE certification. This is because the UK has additional laws on top of CE that bans certain items, see the sections above for more information.

Further information and next steps

When you’re ready to source and purchase your fireworks, have a read of the Buying Fireworks help section.

The next step from there is setting up your fireworks before finally firing your display; each of these is also covered in-depth here.

There’s also a wealth of additional information you can access at any time from the drop-down menu at the very top of the page. Alternatively if you’re a beginner, have a look at my Beginners Start Here! page which runs through a suggested reading order for the vast amount of articles I have here.