Buying Fireworks Guides

Everything you need to know about buying fireworks and getting the best deal.

In this section we’ll explore how to buy your fireworks and where from. Starting with the General Help & Advice section which covers consumer fireworks and has some tips on getting the best deals on your fireworks and saving you some money. Those who prefer to have their fireworks delivered can also read the Mail Order Fireworks page for further advice.

If you are wanting to book a professional team, for example if you are getting married, then have a read of the Buying Wedding & Professional Fireworks Displays article.

If you’re unsure what type of fireworks you need then our DIY or Professional Fireworks? guide will assist, and if you’re a complete beginner either to fireworks or to this site, have a look at our Beginners Start Here! guide.

If you’re looking for firing systems or fuse then our Buying Firing Systems & Fuse page has further advice and some suggested suppliers.

But wait! Doesn't UKFR sell fireworks?

It does come as a shock to some readers to find that we neither sell fireworks nor work on commission. Yes we really do go to all this effort on UKFR because fireworks is our passion and it has been this way since we started in 1999. We made a decision early on to concentrate on providing information – for free – to UK consumers rather than selling products. We are a completely independent concern and not owned or part-owned by any fireworks retailer.

Adverts and UKFR Sponsors

As we don’t sell fireworks we do still need to generate revenue in other ways. It goes without saying that our hosting costs are pretty huge. We do this by selling advertising, mostly in our Fireworks Forum but also to a limited extent here on UKFR. That said, we keep adverts here focused mostly in these Buy Fireworks sections. The logic is that if a reader is visiting guides on buying fireworks they are likely to want to know who to buy them from! This enables us to keep the other core guides advert free and focused on the job at hand (in addition to being quick loading).

Advertisers on UKFR are known as Sponsors because our relationship with many of them is much more than just a transaction of money in return for a banner. We’ve known most of them for years, have shopped at them, visited them at various events and become good friends in some cases. We hope that you will shop with them and, if you do, mention that you found out about them here.

You can find a full list of all our Sponsors in our Forum’s Sponsor Listing.