Firework Shops Map

Map of UK firework shops which are open to the public all year round.

This symbol denotes that the shop is a UKFR Sponsor. To see only Sponsors, use the UKFR Sponsors Map.

Other all year fireworks shop.

Click or tap on a map pin to find out more about that shop and to link through to their website.

Useful information

This map focuses solely on firework retailers who are open to the public all year round. From mid-October a huge number of additional firework sellers emerge on a seasonal basis; it is not practical to create a map for these but social media, local press and Google will help you locate these. In addition, many supermarkets also sell fireworks for a short period up to Bonfire Night. Read more Buying Fireworks advice.

If you intend to visit a shop listed here, particularly out of season, I would strongly recommend you contact them to find their current opening hours. Some shops have reduced hours away from Bonfire Night or are “appointment only” for call-in visitors.

A reminder that it is legal to buy and let off fireworks at any time of the year in England, Scotland and Wales. However you need to be 18 years or older to buy fireworks and you must let them off by 11pm. Certain exclusions apply, see the Firework Laws article for further help.

Suggest a shop or make a correction

If you run – or are the customer of – an all year shop not listed here, I’d love to hear from you so I can get it added to the map. Similarly if a shop has closed or moved, please let me know.

To be eligible for a listing here, the shop:

  • Must be open to the public all year round. Sorry, I don’t list seasonal, pop-up or temporary shops for the reasons stated above.
  • Must be a physical store. Mail order only retailers don’t qualify for a listing here as it’s intended to be for physical (visitable) shops. Concessions within bigger stores such as garden centres are accepted providing they are staffed all year.
  • Must be open to the general public without registration. Trade-only outlets are not eligible for a listing here.
  • Click and collect operations are welcome providing they operate all year and have a physical outlet or office from which to collect fireworks.
  • Must have an up-to-date website or Facebook page to corroborate all year opening times. If I cannot confirm a shop is open all year I cannot list it here.

You can submit a new shop or request a correction here: Submit a new shop to the map or make a correction.

Note: I reserve the right to refuse listing of shops that qualify if that company has been the subject of a dispute with UKFR, has infringed my copyright in the past or has an unpaid invoice or for other reasons where I choose not to promote them here; my decision is final.

No local shops? Try mail order!

If you’re looking to buy fireworks out of season but don’t have any local specialist shops that are open all year, did you know that you can have fireworks delivered to your door all year round?

Although delivery charges can be higher than for non-explosive goods, with potential minimum order requirements, it’s a great alternative to visiting a physical shop. Read more in my Mail Order Fireworks guide.