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My on-line fireworks forum was established over 20 years ago just after UKFR itself was first launched in 1999. Since then it has grown to become the UK’s biggest and best fireworks forum. The community has been championing pro-fireworks causes and supporting everyone from complete beginners through to seasoned pyromaniacs.

Whilst forums are considered somewhat “old school” these days, particularly with anyone under 30, my Forum continues to offer a friendly, relaxed and pro-fireworks place to hang out for those who prefer quality of content over quantity. It also remains one of the best places on the net to ask a question about fireworks because content isn’t quickly swamped by chat, memes and adverts – plus you’ll be engaging an experienced group of fireworks users with a wealth of experience.

And whilst it might sound both strange and counterproductive to be proudly not on Facebook, remaining privately owned and not on social media means two important things: One, the community fully owns its own content and can set its own rules (the fate of a Facebook group or its contents will always be subject to the whim of its US owners). Two, your privacy is assured, given that I don’t sell or share any data about my users; I don’t even track advert impressions or their clicks.

Registration is really quick and easy. There are no complicated questions to answer and I ask for the bare minimum of user info from you in order to create an account (typically just a username and password, plus an email the Forum can send a verification link to). You can also login with your Facebook ID, making it even quicker and easier to join (you can still choose a forum handle to use rather than your real name). Your use of the forum can therefore be effectively anonymous if you wish. In addition, I never pass emails to any third party nor even send out any newsletters. You’ll only hear from me if you opt-in to receive emails to advise you of new content or private messages.

UKFR Forum Meet
UKFR members at one of the many meet-ups and events our community has organised over the last two decades.

I also don’t sell fireworks so you can be assured that my forum doesn’t have any ulterior motives or contain tracking or affiliate links. My running costs are covered by kind member donations and Sponsors. 

The community has always prided itself on a friendly vibe and the freedom to express an opinion whilst also being pro-active in keeping out the trolls and negativity. Over the years we have amassed many members who log in daily to chat about all manner of things, not just fireworks.

Ready to join? Direct link to the UKFR Fireworks Forum which you can bookmark for future use:

Fireworks Forum

I look forward to welcoming you.