Official UKFR Enamel Pin Badge

Introducing UKFR's first official badge!

Note: This item has now sold out and is no longer available.

It gives me great pleasure today to introduce UKFR’s first official enamel pin badge, available to purchase immediately at an introductory price of only £4.99 each with a flat UK postage and packing cost of just £1.50 per order (UK postal addresses only).

Note: The bright lighting used for photos and video makes the badge look an intense orange, please note in real life under normal lighting it’s a much less extreme, flat orange and easy on the eye!

Buy it now – payment by any major debit/credit card.
UK post codes only please! 

UKFR enamel pin badge

About the badge

This beautifully formed small parcel of UKFR happiness measures a svelte 10mm x 10mm on the face. It has a butterfly clasp and a pin (making this unsuitable for small children). The small size makes it ideal for wearing on hats as well as t-shirts and tops.

The orange is a nice flat/subdued orange so it won’t be so distracting that you’ll feel self-conscious. The magic is in the UKFR lettering which is reflective gold-effect metal. This means, depending on the light, it will either look black or will light up gold as it reflects!

Great effort has gone into making these as you can see from the image below and you can view more images in the gallery at the end of this article:

UKFR enamel pin badge

Ordering, payment, postage and customer care stuff

Update: These are now available to buy through UKFR’s new online shop.  Postage and packing is a flat rate of £1.50 per order to cover the stamp and envelope (which together costs about that!).

Sadly, I am unable to send these to non-UK addresses as the faff and expense involved beggars belief! Non-UK orders will be cancelled and refunded.

I send these by first class post and aim to dispatch within a day or so. Proceeds from these will go towards UKFR’s running costs, so your custom is appreciated.

If you have any problems at all, or any questions, please let me know. All your usual consumer rights apply.

Note: I will use your name and address in order to post your badge (duh! sounds obvious but I have to do this legal bit) however I do not keep any records over and above that, will not use your email address to send spam or anything nefarious, and I don’t even see your card details, as Stripe / WooCommerce handles that side of things.

Watch the official launch video